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Chart for January 2009
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  • 06/02/'09: Smash, Zottegem
  • 01/05/'09: Smash, Zottegem
name: Stijn
Date of birth: 13th of July 1980
Residence: Oudenaarde, Belgium
Style: Progressive, Techno, Techhouse, Minimal & Breakbeats
Favo DJ shops: Strictly Dance, Music Man
Favorite clubs: Pulsefactory, Belfunk, CherrymoonLa BushFuse, ...
The Story,

I was 13-14 years old when I got in touch with electronic music like hard trance and rave. I was immediately fascinated by Members of Mayday, Marusha and so on. My fascination even rose when I had seen a movie of Mayday - Rave Olympia. I was astonished by the music, the atmosphere, and the lights.
Until now I haven't been able to go out there, but it's my goal to go to Mayday once.

Further on I learned to know the Serious Beats - series and the program Rebeltime on a local radio (Topradio). Heavenly sounds fell from the sky. When I was 16-17 years old, I went for the first time to a house exhibition in the ICC in Ghent. There I bought my first vinyls, Dave Clarke - Red 2 (remixes) on the Reload Label and Green velvet - Land Of The Lost (remixes) on Musicman, although I didn't have a descent vinyl player, only one on a Hifi-installation. On the next house exhibitions in Ghent and Brussels I grabbed again some vinyls.

It was in the fall of 1999 that I bought some material. Since my budget was tight, I started with a second-hand Jb mixing panel & jb systems CD550. In 2001 I bought 2 Technics SL1210 Mk2's. From then on, the ball kept rolling. I bought more frequently new materials and new vinyls. At the moment i'v got a rodec mx240mk2 mixer, 2 technics sl1210mk2, a Korg Koass Pad KP-2 (effect path) and a Jb System CD550.

The first time I performed was at a birthday party some friends of mine held at Cafè Zottegem in Ghent. From then the fury was released and I wanted more. Since then I played a couple of times at Cafè Zottegem, a few times at JH t'Stadt in Oudenaarde and JH Jena in Nazareth. In April 2004 I performed at The Dôme, ....