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Chart for January 2009
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  • 06/02/'09: Smash, Zottegem
  • 01/05/'09: Smash, Zottegem
The first records that I bought was somewhere in 1997 were trance & hardtrance records, even I also bought some technotracks. Because I'm of opinion that these days there's not enough quality trance on the market, I don't buy much trance anymore. Occasionally I still find some nice trance records and ofcourse I take them with me then. The search for trance classics continues ofcourse.

Since trance has nothing to offer me anymore, I changed my style more in the direction of progressive & minimal, techno, even I still play other styles like elektro(house) & breakbeat/breaks.
You can watch my collection on It's not completly up2date :-)

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Time: 86min 34sec

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